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How does metal perform long term?

When you install metal roof, it not only increases your curb appeal, it is also a long-term performance investment. What's more, we also help inspect and maintain your existing metal roofs for both commercial and residential property.

Elevate your property's valuation with quality metal roof installation done by the professionals at JDR Unlimited Metal Roof & Siding of Orrtanna, PA. With our over 20 years of experience, you can count on us to deliver prompt service without compromising on quality.


Shingles and rubber are often susceptible to leaks, deterioration and other such factors.


This is where metal roof comes in. Only a fraction of an inch of slope is needed for a metal roof, making it a perfect alternative to rubber or shingles.

  • Metal roof design and installation

  • Commercial roof installation

  • Residential roof installation

  • Roof repair

  • Awnings, siding and other metal applications

  • Metal outbuildings

  • Additions and re-roofing

These are some very old metal roofs that we get called to inspect regularly, and all of them have a clean bill of health. Some of which are close to 200 years old.

Boosting values of homes and businesses

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